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Composer, Conductor and Musician

Kamran Shahrokhi, born in Vancouver, Canada in 1993, relocated to Tehran, Iran at the age of 8 years old with his family where he started his music education in 2008 by learning how to play the classical guitar. In 2012, Kamran moved back to his hometown, Vancouver, with a purpose and drive to make his dreams come true. To further expand his knowledge and sharpen his raw skills, Kamran enrolled in Douglas College’s Basic Musicianship program in 2014. Under the influence of Doug Smith, Kamran was inspired to start creating his own music and ultimately switched from majoring in classical guitar performance to music composition.  
In 2020 Kamran received his bachelor’s degree from the Vancouver Academy of Music. In the past few years he has studied with composers: Doug Smith, Edward Top, Benton Roark and Michael Park. His music has been performed by the Orford Contemporary Music Ensemble, Standing Wave Ensemble, 2019 and 2021 Sonic Boom Festival and 2020 Art Song Lab. He  is also the first place winner of the 2020 SongSLAM.
Perseverance, focus and determination. These are the words Kamran lives by.

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